Dark Horse - Kate Sherwood
Dark Horse is Kate Sherwood’s first book and I am still ruminating on the strong feelings it masterfully drew from within me. Dan's story is painful, soul wrenching, and compelling from the very beginning to the absolute end. If you enjoy a moving story, this book is for you. And it’s a book you can truly judge by its cover because it is perfectly fitting. While horses are an intrinsic part of the story, the symbolism of the main character as a dark horse himself is heavily woven especially in the beginning during his darkest moments.

Dark Horse is an incredibly complex story that kept me unsure if I was actually going to get a happily-ever-after at all, never really certain what was going to happen next. I liked that the book focused on their relationship and not just sex (which is an easy selling point so kudos to Sherwood for going beyond) which actually didn’t happen until late in the book. Sexual tension plays a large role in the book and it was well executed, and perfectly developed in a continual build. The explicit sex scenes, including a three-way, were not only hot but essential to the story’s development.

I recommend this book because it truly is a beautiful story.

QUICK POST NOTE: It’s followed up by a sequel, Out of the Darkness, which I've already read and found satisfying. It helped soothe all my worries about Dan's happily-ever-after. Be sure to read that next.

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