By the Light of the Moon - Gabrielle Evans
Yes! By the Light of the Moon, the second book in the Moonlight Breed series, is just as strong as the first and continues along a solid storyline. Danielle brings more fabulous characters into focus, revisiting previous characters and introducing a few new ones in this m/m shifter love story that bursts with love, humor and a smidge of suspense.

It’s love at first sight when Logan and Keeton meet at a party. Unfortunately Logan has his girlfriend Mariah on his arm and is forced to control his instant attraction to Keeton. As a Moonlight Breed shifter, Logan has spent years searching for his mate and scents Keeton as his long-awaited mate. Certain Mariah isn’t the one for him even before meeting Keeton and now compelled to claim Keeton, Logan breaks up with her that same night. Unfortunately she doesn’t just go away and the suspense around her character keep readers flipping pages. As we uncover her story, we begin to uncover more of their preternatural world which is pieced together simply enough throughout the story to flow very naturally.

By the Light of the Moon is a great book. At one point in the book, Keeton says he’d crawl inside [Logan’s] skin if he could. That’s how I felt about this book – I just wanted to crawl inside it and live with this fabulous, funny and loving family.

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