Awakening - Christine  Bell
Awakening, the second in her Wolves of Pray series, picks up where Pray leaves off. The two main characters, Sean and Chandra, are introduced in Pray but much mystery surrounds Sean. He lost his wife when she was murdered by a hunter. Since the tragedy, he has been a shell of his old self until Chandra begins to awaken his desires. Chandra is strong and self-assured yet harbors an endearing vulnerability.

Deciding to take their friendship to another level, Sean and Chandra become lovers. The “oh my” shower scene after Sean and Chandra run off some sexual tension with a wild run in their pack’s land is one that will hold a place on my top sex scenes list. (Come on, don’t we all keep those kinds of lists??) While I enjoyed the emerging emotions, the intensity of the passion between Chandra and Sean appears rushed – I wish Bell had allowed more time to pass between books so I could imagine a gradual attraction forming. But the reader can imagine that the quickening emotions can be attributed to their altered wolf genes.

The mysterious hunter from Pray has yet to be found and continues his hunt in Awakening. A poor choice by Sean allows him access to their pack. When the hunter captures Chandra, its Sean who comes to her rescue terrified the same fate will come to Chandra that took his wife. Once rescued, Sean and Chandra have the necessary revelation scene where they profess their love for one another and live happily ever after.

Anyone who enjoys paranormal romance, particularly shifters, will like the stories of the wolves of Pray. While some parts of the story line seem rushed, I felt satisfied by the end of the book. But in terms of portions, I’d prefer to super-size this book. The characters are endearing enough to deserve a full-length novel and I would enjoy a deeper look into their society, the differing packs and alliances. The secondary characters are interesting enough to deserve their own stories so bring on Billy, Ms. Bell!